TAoBD Act 1 Current Focus (AoBD1)
Art of Business Development
TAoBD Act 1 Current Focus (AoBD1)
Do you want to connect the development of your People to the success of your Business? Split into two acts, The Art of Business Development Workshop (from YourBigPic) transports attendees into the role of Employee, Business Owner and Change...
TAoPD Act 1 Induction (AoPD1)
Art of People Development
TAoPD Act 1 Induction (AoPD1)
It’s Induction time! How will we make this the most compelling onboarding ever experienced? The business is Entertainment International. You will be welcomed, as one of several new starters at Entertainment International, introducing you to...
Essentials - Symbols & Board (E1)
Essentials - Symbols & Board (E1)
In this on-demand, video-led course, Martin Johnson (the creator of Big Picture) guides you step-by-step through the key elements of the business, in the form of instantly recognisable Symbols, and a layout of the business where you make your...